Welcome to Dagnija's Divinations! 

  • Are you looking for some answers? (Aren't we all?!) 
  • Do you have a decision to make but are struggling to decide which path to take as you stand at that crossroads? 
  • Perhaps you have a new relationship and would like some extra insight into whether or not it is worth investing your time in. 
  • Or maybe you have a long standing relationship and you are hitting some obstacles and you wonder if there is anything that can help the two of you make it through in tact. 
  • Maybe you are looking to change careers or make a move across the country but aren't sure if the timing is right or if it's the right decision. 
  • Or you could just be curious because you've heard people talk about tarot readings but you aren't very familiar with what they actually are. 

Everyone needs a little help now and again.  Sometimes people only take the plunge and request a reading because they've now hit that universally known place of, “I'm willing to try anything at this point!”  Often the most ideal thing to hear once you hit that point is, “Here, let me try to help you with that.”  That is what I am saying to you now.  Here, let me help you with that.... Allow me the opportunity to shed some light into your darkness.  Some insight into your confusion.  Some hope into your despair.  My name is Dagnija Windwalker and I would be more than happy to consult my cards for you and see what advice they can offer you no matter what situation you happen to find yourself in. In fact, it would be my honor.