Career Readings

Occupational Oracle
This reading is a good choice if you’re looking to find the Career you are meant to have because you need a change. It’s also a good choice if you are looking for some insight into your current career.
$25.00 USD

New undertaking
This spread is particularly useful when starting something new. This could be career or education related.
$30.00 USD

Cup of Success
This reading is the one you’re looking for if you’re trying to find the best way to bring some prosperity into your life. It can include things such as possibly needing to shift careers completely or if you can find a way to improve your skill to help you further your success.
$30.00 USD

Stay or Go
This is very self-explanatory. This reading is the one you’ll want to choose in one of two situations. One choice is if you’re wondering if you should stay at your current job or look for another one. Another option you can choose from is whether or not to stay within your current field or not.
$30.00 USD

Moving on up
This spread is going to be the most helpful if you’re trying to move up within the same field of expertise and want some insight on the best way to go about doing that.
$40.00 USD

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