Decision Making Readings

Everyone has problems. Everyone has choices. Decisions to make. Problems to solve. Decisions can be tricky depending on the weight the choice carries. Sometimes just the thought of making the decision or fixing the problem is enough to overwhelm us.

Why are they doing this to me?
Are you having issues with someone and aren't quite sure what their motives are?'Why are they doing this to me?' is the option you want. Take a look into what their motivating factors are, what the heart of the issue is to explain a bit about why they're treating you the way they are. This reading is approximately a half dozen cards.
$20.00 USD   

Shed some light
Need a bit of clarification for a particular struggle? Do you need some illumination into an unpleasant situation? Perhaps pointed in the direction that will take you to the light at the end of that tunnel? You're going to want to choose the, 'Shed some light' option which will give you a reading with approximately 7-10 cards.
$25.00 USD

Which choice should I make?
If you've found yourself in a situation where you have hit a fork in the road and aren't quite sure which path to take. If you have two choices presented to you but aren't sure which one to grab, the reading for you would be the, 'Which choice should I make?' option. The spread chosen could be anywhere from a half dozen to just under a dozen cards depending on your particular situation.
$30.00 USD

What do I need to see?
Perhaps you've gone around and around the situation already and while you know there's something not adding up, you can't put your finger on it. You're missing a piece of the puzzle but can't figure out what it is to be able to work on it. This would be best served by the, 'What do I need to see?" option which includes just over a dozen cards.
$50.00 USD

Problem solving readings