Me, Myself, and I Readings

How do people see me?
This reading shows you a little bit about how other people see you; how you are perceived. Our intent does not always come across the right way and at times we wonder why people react in a way that you were not expecting. 
$20.00 USD 

Zodiac sign reading
This reading is chosen based on your zodiac sign. Please make sure you send in your birthdate with your order.
$25.00 USD 

Where do I go from here?
This answers the question in the title, “Where do I go from here?” Often we find ourselves in a situation where we don’t know what to do; what step to take. It can be very confusing and overwhelming and this reading gives you some advice on how you can proceed to get through things a little bit easier.
$30.00 USD 

This reading is the one for you if you’re trying to look for ways that you can improve yourself, your mood, your outlook, how people perceive you, etc.
$30.00 USD 

Health Oracle
This reading is the one you want if you have health concerns or known issues that you want some advice with. This cannot be used to diagnose or replace advice from your physician or health care workers. Advice offered from this spread is more along the lines of how you can handle the emotional stress that health problems can cause or amplify.
$30.00 USD 

My Karma
This reading offers you a look into the type of karma you are dealing with. What good things have been brought to you through your own good deeds and perhaps what consequences you are facing for previous actions that were harmful.
$40.00 USD 

Removing the Obstacle
This reading is all about how to help you remove obstacles that are blocking your path. Whether they are obstacles that you yourself are putting in your way or ones that others are throwing in front of you, this reading can help. We all have obstacles put in our way and most of the time they are there to teach you something. Often when we overcome these obstacles it makes crossing the finish line that much more satisfying. This is an excellent choice if you want to find out what is stopping you from reaching your goals despite continued hard work.
$50.00 USD 

Me, Myself, and I