Romantic Relationship Readings

Ahhh, romance.... how sweet.

Don’t forget confusing, exhilarating, frustrating, amazing, heartbreaking, and exciting. The popularity of readings having to do with romance has always made complete sense to me for a multitude of reasons. We all want that special person in our lives that makes us feel whole. When we don't have it, we want it and when we find it we want to keep it. It's human nature. 

A New Romance
Maybe you're single and wanting to know if you'll meet that special person soon or if that person you just started seeing could be 'the one.' If this sounds like you, you'll want to choose the new romance option. This reading is approximately a half dozen cards. Please, send a note with your payment or an email to to let me know if it's a new relationship you've just started or one you're just hoping for.
$20.00 USD

Relationship insight
Maybe you're already in a relationship but want more insight into things. Maybe hoping for some new sizzle or to get a better idea of where you stand in the relationship and where your partner stands. For that you'll want to choose the option for some relationship insight. You'll get a general insight into where you both stand in the relationship and some obstacles or joys that you may find in your future. This reading involves around a dozen cards.

Trouble in paradise
When there are issues in your relationship it can affect multiple aspects of your life. The ripple effect can at times be shocking, so it makes sense to want to know if it can be fixed and how to do so. The readings dealing with repairing a relationship in trouble or gaining some insight into a relationship that recently ended would fall into this category and include around a half dozen cards.

Romantic relationship readings