Specialty Readings

One month reading 
This spread consists of five cards that will offer some insight into what you can expect for the following month. 
$20.00 USD 

Chakra Reading
This spread uses tarot to read your chakras and give you a general idea of what, if any, chakras need some balancing. 
$30.00 USD 

Upcoming year reading 
This spread consists of thirteen cards that will offer some insight into what the following year will bring your way.
$40.00 USD 

Past life reading
This reading will offer you some insight into one of your past lives that is having an impact on this life. Do you have a fear of heights and don’t understand why? Do you panic every time you hear lightning? Do you feel a pull towards certain things and want to see if there’s a reason why? Sometimes things happen in our lives and we can’t help but wonder, “did I do something really bad in a past life to deserve this?” Or have you maybe just wanted to see what you did in a past life that gave you a certain inclination to something in this life such as a career, a calling, an affinity. If you want to take a peek into a past life, this is the reading you’re looking for.
$50.00 USD 

Channeling Chalice
Did you lose a loved one and feel like they’re trying to give you a message and you need a little help? Let’s see if the cards can bring you the message you desire. This reading allows the departed to try to send your message through the cards. Sometimes it’s difficult for those gone before us to communicate with us here on this plane. Tools have often been used throughout history. Crystal balls and spirit boards are seen in many séance movie scenes. This spread is my way of allowing them to get the message to you via tarot cards. Feel free to email if you have any questions.

Structure of Life
This spread is a very large, thirty-four card spread that offers a very in depth look into many different aspect of your self and of your life. This touches on quite a few things; chakras, relationships, elements, inner child, general condition, and more! Definitely the most in depth reading I offer.